The entire field of contemporary techniques on the tuba family of instruments encompasses many different aspects of performance, and in order to provide a clear description of each technique, the following categories will be utilized: Air, Voice, Lips, Tongue/Oral Cavity, Movement, Instrument, and Digital/Analog. These categories were chosen primarily to provide a framework for discussion, as each technique utilizes many different aspects of the act of performance.  It is vital to recognize that many of these techniques cross over to two or more different categories. For instance, the use of split tones could be categorized as a technique that utilizes the air stream, the lips, and the tongue, based on how the performer utilizes that technique. Instead of creating a complex system that relies on cross-categorization, each technique will instead be discussed in the category that most clearly pertains to the primary method of performance of said technique. What follows then is a catalog of contemporary techniques, each of which includes a description of the method of performance, any necessary information for the use of said technique in a composition, a brief discussion of the notation of each technique in common practice, a listing of the relative difficulty of the technique (indicated with the levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional), and a listing of pieces that demonstrate the technique in question. Where it is proper, each entry will also include a short musical example demonstrating the technique at hand.